Why Should You Choose Canva For Your Graphics and Design?

Canva is my favorite tool when it comes to blogging. I developed the love for this app when I discovered that I can create blog graphics which serve as preview images for my blog posts in Bitlanders. I discovered that having uniform graphics could even make my profile more attractive.
Some Facts You Need to Know:

People retain 10% of the information they heard after three days while 65% of the picture they saw. Source

Articles with images once within 75 to 100 words get more social media shares compared to those who have none. Source

These are the reasons why we need to add graphics and images on our blogs.

For our graphics design needs, Canva is a perfect choice and in fact, most bloggers choose this software for their graphics and design needs.

Canva is online design software that even those individuals who did not undergo proper design training can use. The drag and drop feature makes it easier for users to create their designs in no time.

Unless you have an excess fund that can be allocated for hiring someone who could do your graphics for you, you might as well try using Canva. There are a wide array of tutorials that can be found within the site that will help you learn the basics. Moreover, different articles and tutorials can be found online which are equally helpful.


In order to start using the software, we need to create an account. Start by going to www.canva.com. 

There are three (3) ways to create an account. You can use your Facebook account, Google or your own email to sign up with the site.

By creating an account, you will be able to access different templates that you can use for your design needs. Struggling with what size to use on your social media sharing? Worry no more because Canva has all these things set for you. The templates are pre-designed to meet the size requirement of every social media site. Though you can also choose your own size.


What I like most about Canva is its simplicity that even a small kid can comprehend. Just take a look at the home page. The layout is simple yet elegant. There are 54 prepared design templates for different purposes that you can choose from. These templates are the standard sizes of different platform or social media you will be using the project. Apart from that, you can also create your own custom design.

Say, you chose a Facebook post (940 x 788 px). Once you click that template, you will be brought to a new tab where you can start working on your design. On that page, you will be given a new canvas at the center where you can start creating your project. On the left pane, you can find suggested templates and the different button menus that you can use depending on the purpose.

The elements button includes shapes, borders, images, charts, lines, frames, illustrations, and icons. Please do take note that some of these images require payment before can be used.

Yes, Canva can be used for free unless you decide to upgrade. Upgrading will entitle you more features such as resizing your designs, uploading custom fonts, setting color palettes, saving templates for you and your team, organizing photos with folders and export design with a transparent background. You will also enjoy unlimited storage for your designs.

Currently, the site offers a 30-day trial which you can cancel anytime. They will also notify you 3 days before the expiration of the trial period.

But if you don’t need these things yet, staying as a free member will benefit you as well

Having a well-written article may not be enough to bring more traffic to our sites. Relevant images and blog graphics can do so much to increase engagements. The higher the people visiting our blogs, the higher our chance to earn more. With these being said,I would highly recommend the use of Canva to create blog graphics which we can share on social media and other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading. 

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