Humanatic Categories Deactivated For Low Accuracy? Don't Worry If You Review Call Perfectly- Find More Here

This is the most common problem in recent time. In past, they took minimum time to deactive a category, I mean if your accuracy is above 80% then your category will not deactivate. That time they deactivated category below 80% accuracy. After sometime later if we email them to reactive then they reactivate it or give instructions to how to reactive it.

Now it seems like they deactivate category with 90% accuracy. Well now there are huge cheaters involved and that's why they set this system. But their system is not perfect and they understand this. That's why if your audit is right and your accuracy if regain then your category will reactive automatically. So don't be panic. Just review call honestly and if you see any cheaters in audit then report them.

Some days ago I got so much audit from 'why calling-service' and I audit every call. And of course that time my category was deactivated but after the successful audit, I got back that category again.

I have to mention one thing is that in recent time there is so much cheater in 'Inventory discussion', 'why calling', 'why calling-service' and 'service setter booked'.

Are you fearing to review those categories?

Well in recent time they do not freeze account so often. So you don't have to be fear about this. Just review that category perfectly and audit call and report cheaters whenever you find. That is how we could remove them and make Humanatic a good source of income for us. You will get a bonus for reporting cheaters (.25$ per cheater).

How much you could earn per day?

Well, to be honest, you could earn $20+ per day if you are a normal reviewer. Per hour you could earn $2-3 if your mind is sharp and fast. So 8+ hours is enough to earn that money. I use to review call from 6 am -12.30 pm then at 5 pm - 11.30 pm. And of course, I took breaktime in middle. Superhuman earn almost $50+ per day. I will try to write an article about how to become superhuman soon.

If you have any question, then just comment below. I will reply you as soon as possible.


  1. My account was deactivated for no reason. How long is it going to take?

  2. what can i do if my account was deactivated

  3. My account was deactivated without warning. I never cheated on my call reviews or had special software installed 2 cheat the system

  4. They deactivate my account today. And I was supposed to receive my earnings today. It's suspicious right?

  5. how can i open my account that was deactivated pls can you activate my account

  6. why did you deactivated my account im not a cheater


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