How to earn $40 per week from HiveWork-Tips and tricks

Hive work is a micro worker based money making a website where you could earn decent money. It's similar to Spare5. The task is simple is just bound/box vehicle/bag etc and per 1000 tas you will get $0.10-2. The more task you complete the more experience and new task will available.

How to start:- First sign up then apply for jobs. Like this:-

First, you need to complete the qualification process then you will get paid task. The qualify task may be around 2-4 steps. Depends on the category. Remember give 100% accuracy while you are doing qualifications task. Otherwise, you will not pass. 1 wrong answer will not pass you qualify round. So be sure you are 100% accurate.

The next step when you pass is just to wait for the paid task and complete it. The more task you will complete the more you will income. Basically, their task is about to Categorise, bounding box, text transcription.

How much You could earn:- As I said the more task you will complete the more you will earn. Now the question is there enough available task?. Well, below the screenshot will answer your question. 

You noticed that 'commercial Labelling' category has 5720 task and other 3 categories have 2k+. So now think how much you could earn daily. Below the leaderboard screenshot will give you more answer of potential income opportunity for you from hive work.

Payment Method:- They paid through Paypal every Tuesday if your income is more than $2.

Tips and Trick:-
1. As I said the more task you will complete the more you will earn money. So basic tips are complete more task as you could. You noticed that on the leaderboard 'Macros' completed 74690 task and earn $44.81.
2. Always try to stick with 100% accuracy. This will increase your experience which will bring more new categories and task.
3. Bring more referral. Every new referral you will get $1-5. So it will boost your income.

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