Earn $50+ Per Hour From Google User Research Program

In recent time Google launched a survey program which called 'Google User Research Program'. The purpose of this program is to get info about Google product like Gmail, search console, Google AdWords etc. By this survey Google looking to improve their product.

Good news is that if you participate then you will reward for completing the survey. You could earn $50-75 per hour from this survey. Income Depends on the survey. The more survey you will complete the more you will earn.

How to Sign Up:- Go to Google User Research Program. Then click on 'Sign up' like this:-

Then click on next.

Then select your country and click on Next.

Then you will find speaking language preference option. Like this:-
This survey is a lengthy process. You may get 20+ question to complete the first survey. Remember you will get paid for the first survey. After the completing the survey they will email you for next survey and for the next survey you will get paid.

So just wait for survey and earn free money. That's it. Here I uploaded a video on youtube where I also showed the process of completing the process of google user research program.

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