How To Start Working In Humanatic

In humanaic you will review recording calls which recorded before then comes in humanatic via century interactive for justifying caller purpose and also for the quality purpose. The pay based on category. Every category has a different rate. Like outbound calls rate 0.07 cent and inbound rate 0.1 cents. When you could unlock higher rate category like summary(pays 17-30 cents per call) then you could earn more. Well in humanatic you need to focus on accuracy, not on money. Remember accuracy is the main key there to earn more. In this article, I will tell you how to start working in humanatic.

When you first sign up you will get only 2 categories, Inbound and Outbound. In 'inbound' you have to find what time caller connected with a live qualified agent or not. First, read the overview carefully then you will understand which call connected and which call not connected.

In inbound, if you forward by 5 seconds by clicking then you could review call quickly. Like when a call starts then move it to 5 seconds and then 10 seconds by clicking. Then try to understand which department or agent is caller looking. If the caller could not handle by an agent then it marks as not connected. Sometimes the call goes to voicemail, connection lost, left a message with a live person or caller dials the wrong number then it marks as not connected. Well, slowly you will understand which one is connected and which one is not connected. In this point, i have to say one thing is if a call marks as not connected then it goes to 'reason not connected' where it will find why not connected. 

Here I am pointing about why a call does not connect because if you find this point then inbound will easy for you. You could find easily which time frame a call connected with a live qualified agent. If you do not understand or have a question then comment below. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Now about 'Outbound'. Well in 'inbound' caller calls to a dealership where call transferred to one department to another department so often. Like first receive the call receptionist then he/she transfer
the call to the desired person. But in outbound agent calls to a caller(usually a person who called before that dealership for various purposes, like service/buying car etc) for various purpose. Like asking about buying vehicle interest, confirming appointment etc. In this case, the call connects to the desired person within 10 seconds. So it is quite easy to tag right answer there. But in 'outbound' category call finish very quickly. 

The outbound category review system is same as 'inbound'. Just find the call which time connected. I have to say one thing about this category is that most of the call goes to voicemail. 

If you have any question just comment below. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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  1. Sir, iam vinay from Nagpur town of Maharashtra State, I'm new to this humanatic, please guide me


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