How To Review 'Inbound Category' Correctly In Humanatic- Tips And Tricks

When your account will approve in humanatic you will get 2 categories only. One is 'Inbound' and another one is 'Outbound'. In this article, I will tell you some tips and tricks about 'Inbound' for reviewing it correctly.

Well, 'Inbound' pays 1.2 cents per call. If you could review call accurately then you could earn $1-2 per hour. In this category, you just need to find 'is caller connected with a live qualified agent or not'. Qualified agent means 'a person who helped the caller with his requirement/purpose of call'. Like if a person call for buying a car and a qualified agent helped him to buy a car then it consider as a connected call. Below here some example of connected call:-


1) Mike calling Honda dealership for buying Honda Accord which he saw on online. First Receptionist picks up the call and asks how she could help. The caller says he is looking to buy Honda Accord then receptionist will transfer the call to sale department. Adam from sale department pick up the call at 29 seconds but start speaking at 31 seconds. Then the agent handles the call at last.

Correct tag for this example:- Here first pick up the call by receptionist and she is not the qualified agent because she did not handle the call. She transfers the call to mike for further assistance. The caller just tells her his requirement. Mike pick up the call in 29 seconds but start speaking at 31 seconds. So call will tag as 'Connected between 30 to 1 minute' because he starts speaking at 31 seconds.

2) Lewis calling for payment of his current vehicle purpose. Receptionist picks up the call and after hearing caller requirement she transfers the call to Huge who is a finance agent. Huge listen to all the details and for some issue, he could not handle the call fully and transfer the call to 'General manager'. The general manager picks up the call at 61 seconds.

Correct tag for this example:- At last call handled by the General manager and this call will tag as 'Connected, but took over 1 minute'.

I think this 2 example is perfect to find the connected call in 'Inbound' category. If you have any question then comment below and I will answer your question as soon as possible.

Not Connected:-

If you could understand which call connected then 'Inbound' category will easy for you. Here is some example of 'not connected' call:-

1) Caller talking to an agent but suddenly the connection was lost.
2) Caller left on hold and after a whiles caller drops the call. In this case, the call may be disconnected while the caller is on holding.
3) Call reach the voicemail. In this case, the caller may leave voice mail message or not. This will consider in 'reason not connect' category. In inbound, its marks as not connected.
4) A call which never passes the bridge greetings. Like press one for sale, press two for service etc. Sometimes that kind of call also reaches voicemail.
5) Caller looking for mike but he is not available and the agent asks to leave a message for him. In this case, the caller may leave a message or decline it.
6) The caller dialed the wrong number. Like Caller: 'is this Toyota service department. Agent: "no'. Caller: 'maybe I have the wrong number'.

Well for 'not connected' these examples may not good enough to give your all questions answers. Before humanatic had a question and answer based forum for reviewers where humanatic member could ask any kind humanatic related question. Now they deactivated this. Now I have to give the example from my experience and that's why you may not get your all answers. So If you have any question just comment below I will answer your question as soon as possible.

Some Tips and Tricks To Review 'Inbound' Category Correctly:-

If you forward the call by 5 seconds/10 seconds and this will help you could find the right tag quickly. Then listen to the end conversation carefully because sometimes some call disconnected with no clue and it seems like a connected call. Most of the people mistake in this kind of case. In every call, the caller tells why he/she called for. So pick up why caller calling and this will help you to understand/pick the right tag easily.

I have created a video where I also explained how to review 'Inbound" category. Hope this will also help you.



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